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If you are new to computers, start with Computer Basics, this will give you the skills to go on to learn anything else on the computer! Next, go to Internet and Email. This section will teach you to search the internet effectively, shop online, compare services and create and manage an email account.  Office skills is the section you need to learn to word-process documents, use spreadsheets and make presentations – all essential skills for work and general life.
In Multimedia, you can learn to use that camera you’d had for ages and to edit your pictures in the Digital Photography section. If you’re new to Social Networking, this section will give you all you need to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The E-Safety section is a must for everyone starting out or if you have others in your family who use the internet, as it explains how to keep yourself and your family safe online – it’s worth referring back to, even if you’ve been using the computer for some time.
There are accessibility features to the top right of each page on our website; you can change the font, the size of the font and the colour of the page and text to suit your needs. In 'Accessibility - Do it yourself'  you can also learn to change the settings on your computer. My Web My Way takes you to guides on the BBC website. The other four links tell you how to do it, depending on which operating system or gadget you are using.
We will be adding more links to this section, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, come back later. We’d also like to hear from you, use the contact button below

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